Edible Audio

Mobile App


Edible Audio is an application that focuses on one of the most vital and overlooked ingredients, sound. In my research I found that different audio frequencies can affect the taste of various foods. This is why I decided to design a mobile app as it can easily communicate the pairing of sound and taste together by looking at different food options and allowing the user to customize their tasting experience via sound.

On the start up screen of the application, the user must tap on the logo to move onto the next section.

After tapping the logo, it will shift upward and some information about the app will fade in.

The user will scroll to the right so that they can either sign in or sign up to use the application.

Once in the app, the user can choose from a variety of different foods and drinks that they plan on consuming.

After having selected a food category, the user must choose what meal they are going to eat.

Once chosen, the user will be able to choose from a selection of flavour profiles to enhance their taste.


After choosing a flavour profile, a sound or a song will start playing, enhancing the taste of what they are consuming.

If the user taps the navigation button on the top left of their screen, it will bring a slide-in menu up with different sections.

The app will point the user to popular areas where they can listen to the best natural sounds to enhance the taste of their food when on-the-go.



If the user were to click on favourites, it would bring a menu up with the flavour combinations of the consumables that they enjoyed most.

By clicking the equaliser button on the bottom left, it will bring up an adjustable menu where the user can customise the sounds to affect different tastes.

The profile section will show the user their information and statistics. They can see which flavour they preferred as well as different locations that they preferred.