Flügel is a band that comments on how bad the music industry as well as it's artists have become as many 'musicians' are getting away with making terrible music and profiting from it. This proves that people are willing to spend time and money on bad music / products purely because they are told to or because of the image that those artists are marketed in. Flügel is a band which embraces the Dada / Fluxus mindset by making a mockery of the music industry by creating an anti-art / anti-music and satirical way of thinking. Flügel makes sure that their image takes priority as the music doesn't really matter anyway. Flügel is a very mysterious band with very little known about them which is what intrigues so many people. Their genre is very hard to define. It's something you've never heard before, something very experimental. Some say Flügel is a mix of alternative rock / punk / psychedelic and grunge. Flügel is an art rock concept.






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