Fight Club Catalogue


Fight Club focuses on gender roles as well as consumerism. I decided to interpret it from its anti-consumerist point of view which Tyler as well as project mayhem believe in. The movie mentions the IKEA lifestyle and how none of the material possessions we own mean anything. I decided to stick to a simple furniture or home styled magazine which offers items of furniture and items, but this is not your typical home magazine. I decided to use unconventional items as practical furniture that you can actually use in your home. It’s purely a practical magazine to show you that you don’t need material items to live. The concept of this is all about the Freegan lifestyle. Freeganism is a lifestyle choice made by certain people in real life who focus on adopting alternative ways to satisfy their needs so that they can minimize their dependence on “conventional economy”. Common things which Freegans do is dumpster diving or foraging for food or drinks, hitchhiking for transport and also squatting / camping for a place to live if they don’t have their own place. The reason for all this is to oppose corporate interests. They don’t believe in over-consumption and waste which is why my magazine focuses so much on upcycling.